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Pellowah Healing Technique - a Two Day Workshop -Levels 1 and 2

Pellowah is a unique healing modality for our time! Channelled in 2003, Pellowah gives us a profound shift in consciousness. Pellowah is suitable for everyone - whether you are a healing practitioner already or someone who is seeking change, more confidence, more direction, clarity and focus. You will feel a greater sense of alignment, increased positivity in life, a detachment from the 'stories of the past', increased confidence and greater creative determination on your life's path. Pellowah will always give us what we need which is not necessarily what we think we need from the perspective of the ego mind! The Pellowah energy is pure and comes directly from Source. It helps us shift out of repeat patterns and reconnects us to our Truth. Every healing and attunement experience is unique for us all. Pellowah meets us where we are on our journey and each experience is as individual as you are. Pellowah energy builds on our old ‘conditioned’ framework of beliefs, thoughts and patterns to replace the outworn way of being and reconnects more Light through alignment with our higher divine consciousness to create a new version of ourselves that is free from the conditioned self and more akin to our Soul’s mission and purpose here. Many people are drawn to Pellowah as an addition to their healing practice but many people want the attunements simply to support their own spiritual growth and ascension journey. During this two day workshop, you will receive two attunements and experience receiving and giving two Pellowah healing sessions. You will receive full instruction of what Pellowah energy is and how it is facilitated and receive two full manuals and a Practitioner Certificate and registration as a Pellowah Practitioner. Pellowah is lifechanging! Includes vegan/vegetarian lunch and refreshments. Full support after the workshop. 10am to 5pm both days. Your investment £363 Contact me at [email protected] 07505904804 --------------------------------
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VISIT WEBSITE 07505904804 (Rhosalaria Gwyneth Robbins-Cox)

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