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Explorations in Conscious Relationships

In this one day in person workshop, which is suitable for singles and couples, we will spend a full day exploring how to have conscious, loving, healthy relationships, so we can spend more time on experiencing connection and pleasure with our partners rather than wasting time arguing and feeling disconnected and resentful. I will guide you and others into exploring and discovering what a conscious relationship is to you. We will explore ♥ How to have conscious endings, conscious break-ups ♥ Learn ways to make difficult conversations with your partner easier to experience ♥ Set aside time and have connecting communication with your partner ♥ Learn techniques to have difficult conversations so both of you can win! ♥ How seeing your relationships as a living entity changes the paradigm ♥ Exploring ensuring that your relationships receive the love and care that they require ♥ See how you can forgive yourself and others You are invited to journey with us in this one-day work - exploration into conscious relationships... a space of emotional intimacy, expansion, divine connection, and embodied experience. This workshop will be an exploration in how to connect to yourself authentically and then connect to others. For full details:
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