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Explorations in Personal Energy

Exploration into personal energy “We are energy-based, vibrational beings living on the mental frequency created by our thoughts and beliefs. Everyone and everything around us are attracted by our vibrational frequency. What frequency are you emitting and how does that impact your life?” Sanjay Joshi will lead this one-day transformational exploration into exploring the statement above which will lead to you having a better understanding of your personal energy. Where might you be leaking energy and therefore losing power? We bring awareness to patterns in your life that are draining your energy or taking you off course and teach tools to shift your energetic state, release what no longer serves you, let go of old attachments and break free of looping cycles - leaving you free to direct your personal energy for what you want in life. ➤ Are you curious about energy and how to use it consciously? ➤ Do you want to utilise your personal power more effectively? ➤ Do you suspect you might be holding on to something from the past and are ready to let it go? ➤ Do you want to feel more empowered? ➤ Do you want to feel more of you self in life? ➤ Are you on a path of self-growth and exploration? If so, this workshop is for you! Book now to secure your place. Through embodied exercises and thought-provoking discussions, we explore how can we let go of painful past experiences? Can we attract more love and positive experiences in our lives? How do certain people or environments affect us? How can we manage our energy in a healthier manner? ☆ Testimonials ☆ "Do it! It's a beautiful workshop. The material is presented in a very clear way with powerful, practical exercises. The learning are life-changing, and realisations are profound." "You have so much to gain by doing the workshops, so much self-discovery, I look forward to doing more workshops." - Andrea, Nurse " Sanjay is very warm and sincere" "My life has changed so much since doing tantra workshops. I am now aware of my own body and my emotions." "I feel there has been a shift in energy for me. My pain has eased, and I feel free and empowered!" "Worth trying! I felt very safe the whole time" "I had a lot of 'penny drop' moments today. I wish I had done this ten years ago. Maybe I would still be married." ☆ Attendees of our workshops consistently rate us 9 out of 10. ☆ This workshop is for you, if you... * Desire easier access to your emotions * Want to understand more about the energy we emit and how others perceive us * Want to release attachments from the past * Would like to process emotion in a healthier way * Are curious about tantra and want to learn more * Notice you are sometimes passive-aggressive and wish you could change that * Desire to learn more about yourself * Enjoy workshops and connect with others What will the workshop contain? In this workshop all exercises will be fully clothed, your boundaries will be honoured at all times and intimacy will be emotional rather than particularly physical. We will use solo, partnered and group exercises; some verbal discussions, meditations, breath exercises and movement There will be regular breaks and an hour's break for lunch (not provided). Who is this workshop for? Adults, genders, identities and orientations are welcome and encouraged. This is a great workshop for both beginners and more experienced explorers - there are always deeper levels we can go to. All you need is a curious nature, a desire to discover beyond your current limitations and a willingness to expand and grow. Practicalities Timings: Doors open at 10:00 am for a prompt 10:30 am start. Please ensure you arrive 15 minutes before to allow yourself time to remove outer layers, get a drink, use the bathroom and settle fully before we start. Please do not arrive late as it disrupts the group. We will finish by 5:00 pm.
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