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Explorations in Connection

Explorations in Connection ♥After participating in this workshop you will have a greater understanding of how to connect to yourself & others in deeply level which leads to greater connection ♥ In this in-person workshop we will explore different ways of connecting including: ♥ How to connect deeply to yourself and others. ♥ Gain clarity on feeling your yes and no’s and then express them clearly ♥ Explore connecting to universal source energy to gain insights ♥ Explore our chakras (energy centres) and gain information that allows us you to be authentic and congruent. ♥ Explore connecting with others by participating in playful connection exercises ♥The intention of this workshop is that you will be able to connect to yourself and others on a deeper, more fulfilling level. ♥ You’re invited to journey with us in this one-day work - exploration into connection.... a space of emotional intimacy, expansion, divine connection and embodied experience. This workshop will be an exploration in how to connect to yourself in an authentic manner and then connect to others. This will be explored via guided exercises involving ☆ meditation/visualization ☆ trust-building exercises ☆ connection exercises ☆ learning how to recognise a clear 'yes' and a clear 'no' in our body ☆ stating and honouring boundaries ☆ tuning into our chakras, gaining insights and communicating from an embodied space ☆ A heart expanding puja ☆ and verbal discussion to share your experience with other explorers
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