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Sacred Reconnection: A Women's Retreat

If you're looking for a retreat full of vague spiritualism and toxic positivity, this ain't it. We're here for the real-real. This retreat isn't just going to be IG-worthy standing bow yoga poses and walking around with our hands on our hearts like nothing in the world is wrong or hard or painful. This isn't for people who want to become enlightened spiritual beings. This is a retreat for humans who want to enjoy being a human more. So at this retreat, you'll practice reconnecting to yourself. Not sure what that means? I'm talking about reconnecting to the you-est version of you. Like…before you heard that it was even possible for any part of you to be wrong, or uncool, or needing to improve. The you before junior high peer pressure. The you before you heard that you should want to "be" something when you grow up. The you before pain so big that it changed everything. The you that knows your purpose is wayyyy freaking bigger than clocking in for 40 hours a week and then scrolling though TikTok because you're too tired to do anything else. And ya know what happens when you reconnect to yourself? There's space to reconnect to inspiration, creativity, nature, motivation, joy, playfulness, and with other people. Reconnect to yourself so that you can reconnect to everything else life has for you. *all retreat guests must provide proof of covid-19 vaccination* URLs: Tickets: Website: Price: Retreat: All Meals and Single Occupancy Room: USD 777.00 Date and Time: On Friday September 02, 2022 at 4:00 pm to Sunday September 4, 2022 at 4:00 pm
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