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Sacred City Tour - Winchester City of Light

A unique walking tour of the Ley Lines, Energy Portals, Labyrinth, History, Arthurian Legends, Elf Portals, Norse Mythology of Yggdrasil Tree of Life and the capital and guardians of Albion. Plus time to enjoy lunch and coffee break. The tour will take place in the city of Winchester in Hampshire UK and at the nearby St Catherine’s Hill. Here we will connect to the major spine of Britain ley line and explore its connection to the Tree of Life and Norse mythology. There is also a visit to a magical labyrinth on St Catherine's Hill. The tour includes information about the legends, historic and spiritual connections of this area
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Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy - I have been successful in working in the new age movement for the last 19 years but I have seen many wonderful and talented clients who have been unsuccessful in offering their gifts to the world. Often this is because their marketing skills and efforts have not been good enough. Many open hearted and spiritual people often lack the practical and business skills needed. The truth is that it is often not enough to be amazing as a healer etc, you also have to be good at the mundane and practical things in this world as well! Having witnessed legions of potentially good therapists fail to make their dreams a reality, I have often wanted to help. And so here it is – I will share what I have learnt to help others in marketing. I hope that I can help you.

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