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Spiritual personal development on-line zoom course - 8 weeks - pay as you go

Spiritual personal development on-line  zoom course - 8 weeks - pay as you go
This 8 week bi-weekly course is for people new to Spirituality and also for people with some Spiritual wisdom. I will email student notes to you weekly. Course content summary The history of our spiritual journey Spiritual protection & Protecting our Energy field Calling upon spirit for help & protection Connecting to trusted spiritual sources for wisdom and guidance Soulmates, karmic relationships and Twin Flames Spiritual meditations for self-healing, wisdom and guidance Duality consciousness & Oneness consciousness I AM Presence, higher self , Christ Self, Your Conscious You and Your Soul Understanding and connecting to your I AM presence / higher self The Purpose of Your Soul's Evolution Working and connecting with the Seven Sacred flames and using the flames for self healing , wisdom & enlightenment Seven sacred flames meditation How to raise ones consciousness, spiritual ascension / enlightenment Balance Karma (Sin), Your divine plan Life Lessons / Life Contracts Understanding our Ego’s and taking back our power Universal spiritual laws Auric body System / Aura / Energy Field Spiritual invocations & Decrees My background & experience I was brought up as a Catholic and I went to church until I was in my late teens. I found that Catholicism was a good spiritual foundation but during my late teens I felt that something was missing in my spiritual life. I started to attend trance mediumship and clairvoyance demonstrations which I found very interesting which piqued further interest in all things spiritual. During the mid 1990’s I attended several training courses at the “Joseph Carey Psychic foundation” (JCPF) in Portsmouth, England. The training courses covered a wide range of spiritual topics and involved a combination of theory and practical work. We learnt about spiritual protection, spiritual healing, spiritual philosophy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, ESP and other spiritual practices. I qualified as a JCPF spiritual healer and worked as a spiritual healer at the weekly JCPF healing clinics. I have also attended other healing training courses and workshops and I now practice as an “Guided intuitive Energy Healer” which involves using the following healing modalities: - Spiritual healing, Reiki healing, Sound healing, my healing guides, Etheric Crystals, Angelic energies, distance healing, Ascended masters and using the seven sacred flames. I host and run a weekly healing share in Portsmouth. I am a diploma qualified Hypnotherapist and help people to deal with their fears, phobias, Stopping smoking, weight loss, anxiety etc. For people with Spiritual beliefs I also practice Spiritual hypnotherapy, spiritual psychology and past life regressions. I facilitate and run the following workshops: - Spiritual development, spiritual psychology, understanding the Ego & spiritual wisdom using ones I AM presence / higher self Working towards your Ascension & raising your consciousness Energy Healing Reiki healing (Level 1 & 2) Transcendental meditation How to become a student of the Ascended Masters
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