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Essex Paranormal Event. Colchester Castle After Hours Ghost Hunt. Investigate yourself with Mediums.

About this event Firstly I am so excited to be back in the Castle for another amazing night. This will be my second time and the castle and the first was not a disappointment at all. I have worked Covid Safe Events with my staff since March 2020 and worked the castle previously. There will be limited spaces so do not wait to get booked in otherwise you will miss out on this opportunity to delve into this historical place. At the time of posting April 21 2/4 staff have been vaccinated. A NEBOSH Certificate is held myself and as always H&S will be paramount. You will even though by this time normality may be with us we will still plan on the potential of masks, sanitization, small social distancing groups and covid regs. This will be an added bonus if we do not need to take this into consideration on the night. This is not a Ghost Hunt where you are lead around with machines and actors and actresses screaming. This is a Paranormal Investigation where YOU are part of a team! This is REAL not pretend. YOU will guide the investigation and communicate with past life! YOU will become a historian and delve in to the darkest secrets of this Castle! You will communicate with past life and you will have conversations on touch experience. Events do not need to be through the night, my team will show you that times do not matter for paranormal investigations. Colchester Castle is apparently one of the most haunted castles in the England. Built upon the foundations of the ancient Roman Temple of Claudius this Castle has floors of history which we as teams will have full access to investigate. This Castle has links with the Witchfinder General and the tragic women who perished here through execution, labelled as witches. With at least One Medium per group who is insured by my brand we will use our gifts to communicate and research. Many hauntings have occurred here and staff have witnessed so many strange occurrences. So let’s find out who and why they remain! With such a historic presence and so many years of history this location will not fail to impress or prove paranormal activity. As investigators you will have access to Colchester Castle levels 1 and 2 and other rooms within the castle that the public do not access such as the tunnels below. You will be supplied tools and equipment that you hold for the event. Debrief of all the groups coming together at the end to discuss our findings. Staff that work here have encountered strange occurrences and seen things that have frankly terrified them. Other events here are not like this, we don’t rely on gimmicks or Ouija Boards to talk, we talk and then this can be followed up by you the team! Cameras, recordings and paranormal equipment promoted but ultimately each group has at least 1 medium! We have a vast area to investigate within the Castle and we will encounter at some point some terrifying activity so be prepared! History The Colchester Castle was designed by Gundulf, the Bishop of Rochester and building began in 1069. However, due to the threat of Viking invasion building work stopped in 1080 but was eventually completed around 1100. In 1215 Colchester Castle was besieged and captured by King John following the altercation with religious nobles, this eventually led to the Magna Carta. Since it ceased to be a Royal Castle in 1668 it has been used as a county prison. The prison was maintained by private enterprise which meant that prisoners were kept in the most barbaric of conditions and often left to rot or to die. Matthew Hopkins features in the history of Colchester Castle in 1645 the self-styled Witchfinder General, interrogated and imprisoned suspected witches. These alleged witches would never stand a chance as every test to prove their innocence was doomed to failure, meaning that so many were executed. The Castle was under Royalist control under the leadership of George Lisle and Charles Lucas. However, in 1648 the Castle was attacked by Parliamentary troops, only surrendering after a 12 week siege. The two Royalist leaders were then executed. This execution took place to the rear of the Castle and rumour has it that the grass will not grow on the spot where they fell. A small obelisk now marks the point. At one and a half times the size of the Tower of London's White Tower, Colchester's Keep is the largest ever built in Britain and the largest surviving example in Europe. There has always been debate as to the original height of the castle. It has been suggested that the keep was at one time four storeys high, though for a number of reasons, including the peaceful region of the castle and the lack of local stone, it is now thought that it had only two or three. Colchester castle is built on the foundations of the earlier Roman temple of Claudius. These foundations with their massive vaults have since been uncovered and can be viewed today on a castle tour. The castle was ordered by William the Conqueror and designed by Gundulf, Bishop of Ro
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