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Learn To Meditate with Tracy Fance

We will cover all aspects of meditation, here is an overview of the course content: Understanding the chakra system Learning to breathe again Your energetic vibration Setting up your meditation space Cleansing & protecting yourself as an empath Types of Meditation We will look at the seven types of meditations, you are guaranteed to find one that suits you if not more. The workshop is heavily practical so we will work our way through all the different types of meditation to give you the experience as well as the information around meditation. Why Are You Meditating & What Are You Wanting To Achieve? Each meditation has a purpose, we will spend time looking at what your intentions are with meditation, are you looking to reduce stress, expand your spiritual connection, be more creative or something else? Don’t worry if you don’t have an intention right now, during the workshop we will look at which type of meditation is right for a particular purpose. The Workshop: We will cover a range of different styles of meditation, this is a practical based workshop with handouts so expect to spend the day trying all the different meditation methods, finding what suits you depending on your different needs; health, breathing, psychic work, meeting Guides or lost loved ones. No experience is necessary as we will cover all aspects of meditation. We will also discuss how to work in a practical and professional way and your future development. Additional Info You will be given hand outs where applicable but this is a very practical based workshop so expect to be working for most of the day on your own and in groups. No experience is necessary just a willingness to learn and try new things plus an open mind! Course Info The course will run from 10am to 4pm. If you are unsure whether the workshops are for you, please get in touch and we can discuss it. To get more info or to book your place contact Tracy on 01227749759 or see my website
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