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Plant consciousness & the World of Nature Spirits & Elementals

Plant consciousness & the World of Nature Spirits & Elementals
Plant consciousness & the World of Nature Spirits & Elementals with Ankara Be prepared for the MAGICAL! Do you feel close to the natural world; love trees and gardening? Are you interested not only in the Elven and Elemental kingdoms yet, unicorns and dragons too? Are you starting to perceive light beings of the finer realms as the veils are thinning between the 3rd dimensional reality and the finer dimensions and want to have a greater understanding of what you are seeing? Are you interested in or engaged in Earth Healing? Then this DAY RETREAT is for you! Our day together will be experiential with inner journeying, attunements and you will go away with ways and means to develop a partnership with natures allies and builders and learn of the benefits of consciously doing this for the whole of our lives and in support of our planet. We will also be offering space for attunement to each ones personal body elemental. If this is something new to you then we will learn how important this awareness is to our lives, our health and well being Also hear about the manifestation of the magical and abundant Findhorn garden, in a unwelcoming environment and sandy soil, through the cooperation with the nature spirits. Ankara had known Peter and Eileen Caddy who had made up part of the small group of friends that started that original garden. Ankara has been leading Sacred Earth Healing circles for over thirty years, primarily in Avebury; has led a number of retreats on communication with nature’s angels in the late 90’s & early 2000’s and more recently 'Messages from the Redwoods'; Gifts of Grace from the Heart of Lemuria' (fortnightly), and more. She will be sharing her own stories and insights from working with the elementals of vegetables and light beings of flowers, as well as tree consciousness. We have chosen this date in July for better weather since we will be outside for a good part of our day. And intend to go through to early evening for those that are able to stay on with us. Places limited. We are keeping the group small NOW is the time to book your place not to miss out. If your heart calls reserve your place! Please email for details and logistics: [email protected] Venue: The Henge Shop in the heart of Avebury 18th July - Day Retreat Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you in July!
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Ankara .
Ankara . - Ascension mentor, Channel for the Lemurian community of Light, Ascended Masters & tree councils; Earth Healer, Sound Healer and artist

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