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Energy Harmonisation Online Training

Energy Harmonisation Online Training
Are you an energy healer ready to help others transform? Would you love to have a system that supports you as well? Energy Harmonisation is a healing modality that combines dowsing with colour therapy, crystals, and powerful light codes to instantly lift your vibration. It can create deep and transformational healing for people, animals and spaces. It can work on anyone and anything and can quickly transform how people feel and improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. You can now learn this simple, yet powerful, system of vibrational medicine from the comfort of your own home, in a small group with dedicated support. • Lift the energetic frequencies for yourself, friends and family and the spaces you live and work in. • Transform your career, romantic relationships, business, health and ability to welcome financial abundance. • Develop a healthy sense of creativity, confidence, clarity and purpose. • Experience greater freedom and feeling of peace. • A perfect system to support others who may be sensitive and have additional needs. “Energy Harmonisation is the most incredible healing system I have learnt. By contacting the energy vibration that exists around us all, you can heal yourself, your relationships and your homes.” Karen, Psychotherapist, UK November 2019. Who is this training for? This system will support anyone and is especially good for existing therapists, life coaches, support workers, counsellors, parents, carers and teachers. “I think my biggest learning was that I could send healing with my pendulum. By previously using the colour board I realised I had a natural aptitude for this mode of healing and feel confident in using it now.” Donna, Homeopath, UK February 2020. At level one you will learn to: • Manage your energy, sensitivity and emotions. • Release anxiety and negativity. • Feel greater relaxation and peace. • Enjoy better sleep. • Begin to work on others. • Connect to your creativity. • Create positive relationships. • Connect to your guidance and make decisions that serve you. “The dowsing activities were exciting yet focused, providing really interesting, amazing, and thought-provoking results. The energy generated was wonderful, so too the feeling of inner peace. Thank you, Gabrielle, for opening up a new world!” Holly and Caroline, UK November 2019. Level one provides an entry point for the other levels which are optional: Angel Board Module – a complete energy recovery system, working with the Angels and Archangels to clear and realign energy quickly and easily. Level two focuses on distant healing, working specifically to support the needs of children, young people, and animals and developing a more magical connection with nature. Level three concentrates on amplifying your intentions to co-create your experiences and helping yourself and others through major life transitions. “It all feels life changing to me. An essential tool for anyone really committed to raising their vibration to the 5th dimension and beyond!” Rosemary, UK November 2019 How much will it cost? The investment for level one is £495, a monthly payment plan is available and there is a conscessionary rate for those on low income. This includes: 4 x 4-hour training sessions online in a small group Q&A sessions and ongoing support. All the materials for you to print out at home. Concessionary rates are available for those on low income. Special Offer in March 2021 – FREE Angel Board Module (3 hr session worth £95) Please book by 30 March 2021 to claim this offer Please email [email protected] to ask any questions. “I highly recommend this training. It is a beautiful modality and has been a life saver for me.” Samantha, Medium, Healer, Teacher, UK February 2020 “Just wanted to say thank you Gabrielle for bringing the gift of EH. I have learned many systems however this one is such a simple, light touch with precision effectiveness and easy to learn. Genius.” Moriah, Women’s Empowerment Coach, UK May 2020 “I have enjoyed my EH board and I use it regularly. It is a good way for me to clear negative energy and find out where the energy is coming from. Before I have an important meeting or interview, I use my EH board to help me build up confidence and clear my chakras. I learnt so much during my training and every time I use EH I feel more and more energy and I learn new things about myself. I feel like my training is ongoing.” Juliet, Primary School Teacher and Mum, UK November 2019
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Gabrielle Rafello
Gabrielle Rafello - Visionary Writer, mentor, workshop facilitator and specialist in vibrational medicine

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