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FREE 2 DAY worldwide Light Transmission on 21 - 22 December

FREE 2 DAY worldwide Light Transmission on 21 - 22 December
We would like to invite you to our next Light Transmission taking place at the Winter Solstice which is marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The Light will also support you during the 3rd step of Ascension. Light will start to flow: 20 December at midnight (local time) End: 22 December at midnight (local time) This Light transmission will be very special as there will be 3 unique cosmic events happening at the same time. Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the winter solstice will be a millennium event after at least 3500 years and will only occur again in 2159. This conjunction will take place exactly 8 years after 21 December 2012. This is the beginning of a new era and a BIG SHIFT for humanity will be happening! This amazing and powerful event will trigger the 3rd Ascension. What happens during the Ascension process? The Ascension process will take place in 3 stages between September and December this year. For each stage we have been offering a Light transmission to support this process. During the night of 21 - 22 December you will be connected to the frequency of the 5th dimension. The day after you will be in a new vibration of light and carry a new frequency within you. We therefore invite you to join us on this exceptional 2 day worldwide Light transmission which is offered in the spirit of LOVE, UNITY and CONNECTION. Registration by 20 December: Ascension information:
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