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Akashic Records Oracle Card ONLINE Workshop

“Akashic Connections Oracle Card ONLINE Workshop with Vicky Sweetlove” Sunday 14th March 2021 11.00a.m. – 4p.m. £128.00 this price includes the “Alchemist Wisdom from the Akashic Records Oracle Cards (please book by the 3rd March for cards to be posted to you) The cards bring in the wisdom from “the keepers” of the library of life the Akashic Records. When working with these cards the messages can be of higher self-guidance, and the pictures tell a story all of their own. The 56 oracle card deck was channlled to Vicky along with the pictures and the words of wisdom when she was in Greece and the cards are simple and transformational. similar to the shamanic cave art of ancient times. In this workshop you will learn how to use one of the spreads together with “Journeying” to the lower world to meet your animal spirit guide. You will gain knowledge from the most “burning” questions that you have in your life at this moment. If you feel stuck, unable to move forward, needing guidance to help you decide which way to go. You will be guded through various processes to work with the cards that you choose randomly, there will be Journeying work for more oracle wisdom. Know how to use various spreads with the chakras, 3 cards and 7 card spreads to give a wider perspective to guide you at this time. The choice is always yours. At the end of the workshop you will have written notes from the cards chosen and what they mean to you. You will also have written down guidance from your journeys and how to move forward and take the next step in your life. This is not the end this is just the beginning, you can use the cards every day or once a week for more guidance. Have a notebook and pens and pencils and your “Alchemist Wisdom from the Akashic Records” Oracle Card deck with you to work with. This is a transformational tool to be used by everyone. Too book on the next workshop or email [email protected]
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VISIT WEBSITE 01279654129 (Vicky Sweetlove)

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