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Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Practitioner Course

Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Practitioner Course with Vicky Sweetlove 5th and 6th December 2020 Space Clearing is a simple way of balancing the energy in a home or business When it comes to selling a property it’s advisable to have the property space cleared as prospective buyers will always feel the “nice” energy of the home and want to make it their own. Space Clearing is a simple way of balancing the energy in your home and office space. What you can Expect on this weekend is about working with traumatised homes. land and office spaces. Know about Geopsychic Stress Learn methods for Psychic cleansing of our energy fields. Work with the dryads tree spirits, elementals, guardians of the environment which can be traumatized by building work and previous traumas on the land visiting a local site. Know how to work with your psychopomp to release trapped spirits in the environment. Working with the medicine wheel energies and the elements of the medicine wheel How synchronicities and signs will show you the way. You will learn methods of earth harmonising using stone cairns when earth acupuncture cannot be carried out. Grounding and Protecting practices Know how to harmonise the energies in your home and buildings and training in Geopathic Stress and the effects it has on our health and well being. Know how to make a portal and its uses with psychic boundaries for remote healing. How to cleanse your own energy field. Meditation to meet with your Space Clearing guides at each level. Working with your guides to assist you in your Space Clearing practices. What people say: “A really great course, based on Shamanic principles. Lots of useful techniques and information. Tuition is very practical and hands on. Using the techniques taught I have been getting great results and feedback from my clients. Compliments the Dowsing for Health course. Thoroughly recommended.” Leon, Horsham For more information and to book with Vicky
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