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Channeling Art from our Cosmic Heart & Light Language - A perfect Christmas gift to self!

Channeling Art from our Cosmic Heart & Light Language  - A perfect Christmas gift to self!
THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL Welcome to contact the organiser for future events information Channeling Art from our Cosmic Heart & Light Language - a perfect Christmas gift to self 5th December 2020 This day offers a sacred gift of a step through a doorway into an infinite inner landscape and inspirational tool that is at everyone’s fingertips! And it is important to point out that absolutely no painting or drawing experience is required, just a willingness to be open to receive; to play; to laugh and to have fun! Yet, all will leave with some precious artwork and crucially, a foundation from which to continue exploring their creativity in support of their blessed journey. Participants may also be gifted Light Language and light codes which is something we will be hearing about during this special day. Ankara will share with us how she was first guided, by her spiritual mentor, in the mid 90s, to channel pictures in support of large groups she was working with at the time; something very new to her yet, has continued to be a powerful healing tool as well as source of inspiration. Everything in the universe is made up of light and sound; each particle with its own signature of light, colour & frequency. Within our magical day of creativity we will participate in inner journeying, as well as movement and sounding to enter into coherent as well as harmonic resonance with vast fields of intelligence and multi dimensional realities. Each one will have the opportunity to go at their own pace, facilitated by their sacred heart, to channel their creations Some may connect with animal guides, mother earth, the angelic realms and more, bearing in mind we are present within a vast inter dimensional portal in Avebury! And we are also coming into the energies of Yuletide and Christmas. All is possible and each one’s personal souls’ path is unique to them. Looking forward to welcoming you on the 5th December! Time: 10.30am- 3.30pm Note: places are limited RECOMMENDED to book your place EARLY To BOOK your place please email:[email protected] We will get back to you with more information regarding logistics. Abundance exchange: only £48 Paid in advance TESTIMONIALS, MAY 2020: Ankara has a true gift for enabling people to connect with their soul. Her calm, soft and clear voice helped immensely in providing the necessary background to make this connection during her meditations. Thank you. Mary Thank you for a wonderful day on Saturday. It was very special to be able to go on a journey with light souls before creating artwork. This is something that is new for me and I greatly appreciated the meditation and the soundings. Connecting with each other during the moving sounding meditation was very powerful and I think that brought a greater sense of the creative spirit into the activity. I was then able to fully relax into the artwork activity and I do indeed think I made a personal breakthrough. This was allowing the spirit to move through me without the intervention of my mind and the constructs within it about creating art. Art from the heart is very different to art from the mind. It allows the creative spirit brought in on the rays to flow through me. I truly felt this and was left wanting more! Thank you for your guidance, for holding the space and for encouraging us all to allow this process. Alex xx My partner and I spent a very magical day with Ankara and the group whilst channeling art from our cosmic hearts! We were all made to feel welcomed and loved and were provided with the environment and confidence to open our hearts to our higher selves and guides, and to bring those images, words and feelings into life through the colour, geometries, and medium of art. I don’t think that I’ve painted anything since I was at school, and I thought that I may find it challenging to begin, however, the environment that Ankara provided saw me make an immediate start! Even though my painting was not a Van Gogh (by a very long way), I knew that it didn’t matter, and I was immensely pleased with it! I’d recommend Ankara’s courses and teachings to anyone in the process of finding clarity and purpose in their life and general awakening, or to anyone who’s interested in finding out more, and beginning their journey to inner peace. Doctor Jonathan R. Tuck Ankara has also recently heard from one of the participants to the same event earlier in the year, with a big thank you because even though she did not fully understand what she had been gifted in her painting at the time, it became more clear over these past months as being her life path of service which she is thrilled about and she is also thrilled about how it is also starting to become a reality!
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Ankara . - Ascension mentor, Channel for the Lemurian community of Light, Ascended Masters & tree councils; Earth Healer, Sound Healer and artist

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