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CHAKRA INTENSIVE WORKSHOP 2pm - 5PM How do you create the optimum conditions to be the best you can be in Body, Mind and Spirit? How do you achieve a greater awareness of all aspects of your Being? How do you develop your energy body so it is in its best condition? The work of this Intensive workshop focuses on the best functioning and development of the seven main Chakras of the human energy system. These energy centres are linked to our Aura and the complete functioning of our physical body. As such they have a profound and direct effect on the condition, health and well-being of our entire Self. This Workshop allows you to be the best you that you can be! You do not need to know about the Chakras, or even what they are to benefit from this Workshop. A number of different techniques are used to give you your own experience and awareness of the Chakras, which is the best way to learn about them. If you do know about and use your energy system in spiritual or psychic development, this Workshop provides powerful techniques to enhance that even more. You can see our full range of Online Groups, Workshops & Courses on our website! If you would like to join us please contact us at Or you can email us at [email protected] Live Spiritual Development & Meditation Events Online - from ‘The Hermitage’ by Skype - with Steve & Amy Hounsome!
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VISIT WEBSITE 07852 980199 (Steve Hounsome)

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