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Would you like to know who your Spirit Guide is? Would you like to meet your Spirit Guide? Would you like to develop and improve your relationship with your Spirit Guide? This Workshop offers a chance to do all these things, using a combination of vibration raising exercises that can bring about a meeting with your Guide. This Workshop has been run several times previously and is being held again due to repeated requests, because of the amazing results it provides! The intention of this Workshop is to bring about a meeting with your Spirit Guide at a hitherto unknown level – this is why we have called it an ‘Intensive’. This is also in the sense that it will be intensive work, so come prepared for that! The methods we will be working with are energy techniques designed to bring about a heightened level of vibration in your being that enable this meeting with your Guide. A limit of 10 people per group has been set to allow for personal feedback and interaction for all group members, and maintain a 'cosy group' atmosphere. You can see our full range of Online Groups, Workshops & Courses on our website! If you would like to join us please contact us! Live Spiritual Development & Meditation Events Online - from ‘The Hermitage’ by Skype - with Steve & Amy Hounsome!
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VISIT WEBSITE 07852 980199 (Steve Hounsome)

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