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Making your own Smudge Sticks and Fans

Very excited about this Ritual and Earth Magick workshop with Inspiral ! Smudge Sticks and Fans ... Historically, various cultures and traditions have used smokes as a digestive to make an offering to the Gods and Spirit world, cleansing and purifying spaces including themselves. This workshop, taught by Siobhan Burns and Paul Fury, will show you how to make a smudge stick and hopefully how to forage (weather permitting). You will also make a smudge fan, which is used to "waft" the smoke from the stick, and can be as beautiful or basic as you would like ! If you have anything you would like to add to yours, do feel free to bring it along. Both of these items you will be able to take home. Date : 9th of October from 6.30-10.30pm Venue : Grays Large Hall Price : £40 incl. Ingredients Book NOW ! Numbers are limited due to Social Distancing. Inspiral staff are Covid Aware, and have qualified in Covid19 Management.
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