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Dear Ones, My dear friend and teacher, Zanze Pandit, who I know to have the highest integrity and honesty and whom I trust implicitly, is very kindly offering to teach this amazing practice for the second time, online, for the benefit of all. This is a practice that will really help you physically, mentally, spiritually (if you practice daily), and is very timely and desperately relevant for this very challenging time. Pandit means ‘Learned Scholar / Wiseman’. Some of you will know, he is anointed by Dharma King Dechan Jueren as Zanze Pandit, which is equivalent to a Khenpo Chenno in Tibetan Buddhism. The retired Dean of the Higher Institute of Tibetan Buddhism, H.E. Danjiong Ratnavajra Rinpoche, passed on his past life’s dharma instruments to Pandit. The 26th Garva Rinpoche, who is also the nephew of the 10th Panchen Lama, recognised and affirmed Pandit — “You are a Great Bodhisattva.” Pandit does not present himself in the flowing robes and garments of the Eastern Buddhist Teachers you may be accustomed to seeing (although he does have them.)  However, do not be fooled into thinking this belies his status. (You may have noticed that a lot of the high Buddhist teachers on Facebook are now wearing western shirts and jumpers. Great teachers do not need to impress and separate themselves out as ‘Exclusive’; great humility lies within ‘Inclusive’ plus it’s more relatable and approachable - right?) The Medicine Buddha practice is such an incredible practice. This is not something that is taught out to the general public normally. You would have had to enter into a monastery and practice for several years before something like this was given to you - and even then it would only be the mantra initially. However, under the auspice of our guru, Dechan Jueren, we have been instructed that it can be taught out to the public in this time of need.  (If you only understood how truly lucky you are.) Awakened Healer Workshop will be conducted over four weekly sessions. You will have a week to practice the mantra and meditation before the next session. Then, you will get a secret BONUS week. Not only is Pandit teaching the ‘Medicine Buddha’ practice, he is also offering you two additional practices ‘Seven Stars’ and ‘Seven Medicine Buddhas’. These are separate workshops in truth. There is a wealth of information within this workshop and you will also be offered ongoing support and access to many FREE online tools and downloads from Pandit’s website: & facebook: Here’s some more info on the workshop: Imagine feeling better, knowing better, understanding better... How would you feel knowing you can make this happen for yourself forevermore? If you are stressed, run-down, suffering from anxiety, depression or poor health, or simply want to improve your life, you can be your ♥ AWAKENED HEALER SEVEN STARS MEDICINE BUDDHA = Medicine Guru Lapis Lazuli Radiance Extinguish Disaster and Prolong Life Dharma Practice + Seven Medicine Buddhas and Twelve Divine Beings Healing Dharma Practice + Seven Stars Seven Talismans Spiritual Protection Dharma Practice ∞ This is an 1-Path 3-Stream 7-Star intensive workshop with continuing student support. Pandit first talked about the 7 Stars just a few months ago in the summer of 2019 and taught the first workshop on January 25, 2020. Don't miss this 137 workshop. Scheduled for *** Four Thursdays 6.30 to 8.30 P.M. May 2020 *** @Leigh Buddhist Centre (well online actually!) You will need an internet connection. Once you sign up, the access link will be sent to you. Book Your Place Now. Tuition: £300. Please contact Joanne +44 7814 103617. A significant tuition is needed to be placed on this. Why? To help you understand the value of what you’ve been given - simple! It needs to mean something to you, right?  If it were given away for free then the perception would be it’s worthless. These practices are priceless! “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” Guys, grab this opportunity. This is not something that should be missed. Yes you have to pay, and yes, for some it could be viewed as expensive, but what price can you put on your spiritual health and growth? For more details, please visit ==>> Spread the Love, Joanne Slater Director Leigh Buddhist Centre 879A London Road Westcliff on Sea Essex  SS0 9SZ tel: +44 7814 103617 email: [email protected] Like us on: Facebook: Leigh Buddhist Centre Twitter: LeighBuddhistCom Instagram: LeighBuddhistCentre
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