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Glastonbury Well Being Meditation Retreat 3 nights

Glastonbury has been known to be a spiritual place of pilgramage and ancient legends. Our custom made 3 night Well Being Meditation Retreat will give you a perfect break and time to recharge and relax with like minded souls. We will be spending time meditating in the morning and evening at the house, then through the day visiting and meditating at Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury Tor and also within Chalice Well Gardens, bathing our feet in the fresh healing pool, enjoying sampling the water of the Red Spring. There may also be time to enjoy private access in the temple of the White Springs, enjoying bathing in the blessed waters that flow down from Glastonbury Tor. There will also be time to browse the quirky local shops. Staying in a shared 5 bed house, all with ensuite, with up to 8 ladies with the option to have a double room to yourself (2 doubles) or share a twin room (2 twin rooms, 1 on the ground floor). There will be at least a few hours walking per day on different terrain and everything is within 1/2 a mile of the house. There are 4 extra places on this retreat where you can find your own accommodation and just join us for the days activities. 2020 June/Sept - FULL 2021 4pm Thursday 11th June until 10am Sunday 14th June - places available 4pm Thursday 16th September until 10am Sunday 19th September - places available Still very interested by not sure about dates yet or would like more information? Please call Samantha on 07958 719342
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VISIT WEBSITE 07958719342 (Samantha Hull)

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