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Exploring Colour

Colour is everywhere and as such is often taken for granted, yet its impact on our everyday life and our very being, is immeasurable. Today we will be exploring the many ways in which colour affects us moment by moment, altering our moods, perceptions and energy. Using intuition and received wisdom, you will be introduced to the attributes and qualities held within a range of colours, learning how each one interacts with you profoundly on the physical, emotional, mental and soul levels. By the end of the workshop, with this expanded understanding and awareness, you will be able to discern which colours may be appropriate for you to use in any situation and why you are drawn to particular colours at any given time. Your relationship with colour will be enhanced and anchored firmly in your life. Julia Shepherd is an intuitive healer who accredited at the College in 1999. She has a special interest in how the journey of the soul impacts on everyday life. Julia is also an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher. She is very close in lineage to Usui Hayashi and Takata, the Grand Masters of Reiki and teaches Reiki as it was passed down from them.
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