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Lama Fera Workshop

LAMA FERA WORKSHOP : Come and join me with Konchok Yangchen (Tibetan Buddhist follower) to learn this powerful Tibetan Buddhist healing Lama Fera. Lama Fera Healing Center has been conducting and teaching Lama Fera Healer & Grandmaster Workshop all over the globe. I have been blessed to teach Lama Fera to a Tibetan Buddhist Monk from the Tibetan Monastery. Lama Fera is highly powerful & fastest Healing technique followed by the Buddhist and practiced by the Tibetan Lamas. The word Lama means Disciple of lord Buddha and the word Fera means round or more specifically around the body with the energy of lord Buddha. The Energy of lord Buddha is channeled through the Healer and directed towards disease or illness. It is considered as the fastest healing technique for physic problems, It removes pressure of thoughts and increases the vital energy of the bodies. Benefits of Lama Fera: • Removing Black Magic/Spirits • Removing Evil Eye/Curses • Removing Negative Energies • Clearing Vaastu Dosh • Removing Energy Imbalances, House & Office Cleaning • Healing Physical Illness • Healing Neurological Problems • Healing Emotional Problems • Spiritual Development • Removes Financial Blockages The workshop consist of the healing kit : Manual A Maroon Robe Burning Stick (a crystal wand) Bodhi mala (Necklace from Bodhi Tree) 4 Earth Sticks This kit is specially designed and energized for the practice of Lama Fera. Level 1 - Master Healer Level : Rs. 12000/- Level 2 - Lama Fera Grandmaster (Master Healer +Yogmaya +Teacher level) : Rs. 25000/- Choose your preferred date to learn Lama Fera!! Registration for Workshop contact : K Yangchen Tao Sacred Healing Space Lama Fera Grandmaster Mob : 9819883090 Email : [email protected] FB Page :
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9819883090 (K Yangchen)

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