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£10 per class includes refreshments & paperwork. Starts - MONDAY 27TH JANUARY 2020 - Week 1 - Meeting your Spirit Guides – We will start with going through the course and introducing each other within the group as this will be your new spiritual family for the following 10 weeks. We all have Spirit Guides helping us in the background whether you know them or not. If you can daydream you can meditate. If you can meditate you can meet your guides.... it’s as simple as that. Once you know who your guides are you can start to call upon them in everyday life as well as in your spiritual journey. They are your friends in the spirit world who can blend with your earthly world to help where they can, but they can't interfere, so they need to be asked by yourself when and where they can help. Some things in our lives are karmic and although we wish that they would go away there may be a lesson to be learnt first. This first week will be - Meditation - Meet your Guides - Understand what and how you wish to develop your own skills and Ali will show you the way forward. NEW DEVELOPMENT GROUP WEEK 2 - CLAIRVOYANCE & TAROT – MONDAY 3RD FEB 2020 This week we will look at our own natural Clairvoyance and enhance this by opening up even more using techniques and confidence building. The Tarot helps to enhance this by having something (a picture) to focus on. We wouldn't be able to learn all the tarot cards in this one lesson, but I will go through the Major Arcana Cards (Linked to the major events in your life). Blending your Clairvoyance with the use of the Tarot is a great way to build your confidence and get the information that you need so that you can predict the future or open up what is going on in your life now. NEW PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT WEEK 3 - BODY SCANNING & CELLULAR HEALING MONDAY 10TH FEBRUARY 2020 – This week - Everyone can heal in my humble opinion - if you can love you can heal as they are one and the same! It’s all about your intention. If your intention is to help someone else, then fill your heart and your auric field with love (think of the happiest moment of your life) then channel all that Love Energy through your body and out through your hands. Sounds simple but it is very effective. With our eyes closed and in this vibrational energy we can tune into the person who we are healing and picture every cell in their body. Then picture this love energy blending through you and into the cells of the body with the intention of good health. We are not miracle workers, but we are all made up of water. Dr Emoto once did exciting experiments on water... He used two glasses of water and put the words and the feelings of Hate into one Glass and the words and the feelings of Love into the other. He then froze them and looked through a microscope to discover that the one that had the words and feelings of hate was all mangled and the love one was perfectly formed and beautiful. As we are made up of water think what bad words or negative comments / feelings / situations / etc. do to us especially on a long-term basis. Therefore, it is essential that we don't talk about ourselves in a negative way and we don't allow others to do the same. (sometimes I realise that life isn't this simple) but it’s good to know what this does to us on a long-term basis. Look up Dr Emoto and water experiments on YouTube … xxx NEW PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT WEEK 4 - MONDAY 24TH FEBRUARY 2020 – AKASHIC RECORDS & LIFE PURPOSE – This week you be looking into what your true-Life Purpose is! Have you ever felt that you don't fit in with people or your work colleagues? The work that you are doing seems boring or worthless? This is the lesson for you! We can go back in time to look at our Akashic Records using techniques that are like hypnosis but using psychic energy. Akashic records is a book that has ALL OUR PAST LIVES, their meanings, what we learnt from each experience, who our Soul energy is really and give us an insight into what we need to do now with this new opportunity in this life time. DO YOU WANT TO JOIN IN? ONLINE CLASSES COMING SOON. PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT NEW COURSE WEEK 5 - MONDAY 24TH FEBRUARY 2020 – MEDIUMSHIP & PSYCHOMETRY Once you have made your connection with your Spirit Guides in week 1 you will be able to link our world with the Spirit World and give information that can prove life after death. There are confidence building techniques that can enhance the information that your spirit guides can give you. Psychometry is the art of using psychic vibrations & energy that is left on items like Jewellery /Objects / photos. Emotions are connected to certain objects and its these that we can tune into to give details of a passed loved one, or maybe a personality of someone who is in a photo. It’s a great technique for developing your mediumship. I ask that this week everyone brings in a photo of a passed loved one and an item of jewellery or an object.... Find out more. 07925 214754
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