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Stress Buster ~ Shamanic Emotional Release Ritual

EMOTIONS ARE ENERGY. ENERGY IS LIFE FORCE! ...YOUR CREATIVITY ...YOUR 'GET UP & GO' ...YOUR EROTICISM & AROUSAL HOW ARE YOU USING YOURS...? Each month, a beautiful group of beings gather to honour and cleanse their bodies of stagnant energy, stored emotion and dis-ease causing suppressions. We meet and use this powerful ritual space to let go of what no longer serves our highest good and whatever may be holding us back, so we can leave feeling lighter, freer and with renewed zest for life! We are blessed to gather in the womb-like, underground, shamanic healing pot of Neal's Yard Meeting Rooms in Covent Garden. Come to release your woes and re-connect to your life force! Witchy-temple-priestess Ruth Biddlecombe and ex-corporate-turned-healer Natalie Ford share with you a set of powerful tools to safely, healthily and constructively release emotion and held energy from your body, within the confines of a carefully created safe container that will invite you to into deeper layers of a warm, strong, healing embrace. Read more below to see what we'll do and reasons to join us. We'd love you to have you there if you feel called! Advance booking is essential. Tickets are limited to 12-14 due to capacity - book early to avoid disappointment. Ruth & Natalie look forward to welcoming you! BOOKING: Testimonials "I arrived feeling as though I was carrying the burdens of the world in my chest. I found the tools highly effective and left feeling a lot of relief. Essential self care for everyone" "The emotional release workshop was both fun and profound at the same time, leaving me feeling light and in a better place at the end of the evening. Highly recommended!" - Steve "A really useful, well-held and immensely safe space to learn about healthy moving and expressing emotions through the body" "Doing these tools made such difference to my state of being" "I loved the music and the energy. The tantrum tool felt amazing" "This is the only place I’ve experienced such a level of emotional honesty and physical release in such a highly skilled and lead group. Everyone should do this - and often. The world would be more peaceful and balanced if this were taught in schools" - Ebony, Doula BOOKING: What Will We Do? We'll start with an opening circle and intention-setting, then demonstrate these highly effective release actions before moving into ritual. You will be supported through your individual shamanic journey by the team and group energy. We will close with some grounding exercises, sharing and an optional group hug. Intensity This is a medium-high intensity workshop that purposely brings up and releases emotions stored within the body. Please note: part of our ‘Commitment of Care' agreement is that all participants take full responsibility for their safety and wellbeing - before, during and after the event. E.g. do NOT fast or intoxicate yourself 24 hours before event and plan to have a quiet and restful evening afterwards. More Reasons To Join Us ++ Suitable for anyone seeking tools for everyday emotional balance^. No prior experience needed - curiosity and openness are the only admission criteria! ^ Please see contra-indications below for some symptoms these tools are not suitable for. ++ Natalie Ford & Ruth Biddlecombe are experienced in shamanic emotional release practise; holding deep safe containers for participants to journey whilst clearing their channel of emotions. ++ This potent group ritual clears emotional energies from the body on many levels. You will notice a difference within your physical and emotional bodies, your energetic connections with others, and your intimate relationship with your core being. ++ Your participation contributes to collective shifting of consciousness. Imagine a world where children are no longer told to "Stop crying!" when upset or "Be quiet!" when angry. Where their full range of emotional expressions are welcomed, accepted and acknowledged whilst the uniqueness of their being is celebrated. Imagine what a difference that would've made to your sense of being enough, being worthy, and being of value had you been gifted that experience. Let's gift this reality to the children of the future. ++ You decide how deep you wish to dive into the process. All emotions and all levels of intensity are welcome. We celebrate ALL emotions as healthy manifestations of aliveness. You will be at choice throughout the entire ritual and your boundaries will be fully honoured. BOOKING:
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Natalie Ford
Natalie Ford - Authenticity & Empowerment guide at Empowered Healing Ltd

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