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The Power of Prayer

The power of prayer has been with us since the beginning of time, ancient and potent. It is now often underestimated as a spiritual practice because it is largely misunderstood. Prayer is more than a shopping list of requests issued to God, it is in truth a means of communing heart, mind, body and soul with the Divine and does not have to be done on our knees before an altar. Prayer can be sung and chanted, spoken whilst we walk and work, issued through gesture as well as words and used to channel the divine power of the source to heal ourselves and others and bring our desired manifestation into being. In this powerful and potent experiential workshop, Edwin Courtenay channel and healer, will bring forward guidance from the Divine to illuminate the true nature of prayer and identify new ways of participating in this ancient practice that we can use for ourselves, others and the world. Featuring meditations, live trance channellings, exercises and simple ritual, this workshop will arm those who attend with powerful techniques that they can use alone or in groups, to reshape their world. With the aid of Archangels Metatron and Sandlaphon, the twin archangels of prayer, this promises to be a powerful workshop, both enlightening and empowering, with the potential to set us free from those misconceptions surrounding prayer which may have held us back in the past.
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College of Psychic Studies
College of Psychic Studies - The College was founded in 1884 by a group of eminent scholars and scientists. Its purpose was to facilitate formal investigation into the psychic and mediumistic phenomena that were such a topic of debate in the Victorian era. With great courage, this group of distinguished people, some notable in science, others from within the ranks of the Anglican clergy, defied the prevailing canons of respectability in order to proclaim to a world of increasing materialism that human personality survives bodily death and that this is capable of demonstration.

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