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Certified Reiki Level One Practitioner Course

Certified Reiki Level One Practitioner Course
Create and manifest the future you desire by becoming a REIKI Level 1 Practitioner. The Reiki energy is the fundamental Life Force of the Universe, a conscious and intelligent energy that flows through and nourishes all life. Reiki originates from infinite source all there is. It can only do good and it’s the essence of universal love reaching beyond all romantic or religious concepts. Reiki a an energy healing treatment that works holistically on the whole body , mind and soul. Reiki is a relaxing treatment whereas the natural healing vibrations are channeled though the hands of the Reiki Practitioner. Spiritual Energy may appear as being mysterious and not easy for the mind to understand. Yet, the pull of gravity is as mysterious, similarly wi-fi connection, you can’t see it, yet you are connected to it. During the treatment, Reiki practitioner is a channel for the energy and does not pass on his or her personal energy nor absorb anyone else's. The energy is received and channelled from the main Universal source which resides in the cosmos. Reiki Benefits: • Stress Relief and Deep Relaxation. Many illnesses begin with stress and tensions. • A strengthening of the natural self-healing powers we all have • Strengthening of Immune System • Detoxification and deep cleansing • A healthy body and mind connection • Release of emotional and energetic blockages which might cause mental and physical illness • Faster manifestation • Returning Balance • Hormonal Balance • Helps with Pain, depression, anxiety • Inner Peace • Supports one's spiritual awareness and connection What will you learn and gain at Level 1 Reiki Practitioner course? • Energy – Scientific and Spiritual Concepts • Learn Energy Protection and Cleansing • Learn Energy grounding • You will learn how to see your own Energy Filed/ Aura • Learn about Chakras • You will receive Attunement to Reiki Level One • Learn how to balance chakras • Learn Love Healing Technique • Guidelines/ how to heal yourself, other people & animals • Presentation provided • Manual provided • Certificate of completion • Lifetime support Limited spaces available. The course will take place on 11th January 2020 in London, Covent Garden. To book your place , please contact me on : [email protected] or call : 07858599569
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VISIT WEBSITE 07858599569 (Edyta Tchorzewska)

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