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Reiki II

Reiki II
Reiki II Practitioner Level with June Meagher Oswestry Be attuned to Reiki II and learn about the emotional causes of illness, distant healing, channelling energy, the code of ethics and how to set up a practice. This is the practitioner level which will allow you to become a professional Reiki practitioner and you will be required to do various assessments in order to gain your certificate. Please note you must have successfully completed Reiki I prior to enrolling in this course. You will have to complete case studies in order to receive your certificate. The course will cover the following aspects and there will be meditation during both days: REIKI II HEALING COURSE FORWARD PLANNING Lesson Title Personal Growth following on from Reiki I The Attunement Process The Symbols Ways of using the symbols When to and when not to do a healing Healing Procedure – seated and couch Certification Requirements The laws regarding healing Setting up a practice Joining an association Progress and continued practice Refreshments will be provided, please bring a packed lunch. Space is limited so please do book early, you can pay via paypal or call me on 07446 298661 or email [email protected] Manual is included. All of my teachings are based on two very simple principles, love and compassion, not only for others, our animal kingdom, planet and universe but for yourself. For testimonials please visit here. ‘Sit for a moment and just breathe, do not expect anything else of yourself other than to breathe. Just follow your breath in and out and allow yourself to know that at this moment in time, everything is perfect, nothing else matters, you are at one with your breath and the only thing you have is your breath.’ June Meagher
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