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10-4.30pm This workshop can help you find a way to bring emotional balance to your life through varying forms of sound with meditation. During the day we build on the different ways we use sound in our lives, bringing in TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS as an aid to focusing on different areas of the body. Discover how you can use them to connect with your emotions and shift negative thought. I believe that the sounds we hear throughout our lives have a physical effect on us i.e. crashing sound can make us recoil, sounds of nature can help us relax. We all react differently to the sound of a baby crying. If we have been brought up in a noisy household we may have learnt to cope with noise in our day to day lives but someone who was brought up in quiet surroundings may have difficulty when they move to a noisy city. We can get stressed at the thought of exams or changes in relationships and life styles. These can cause us to be physically ill - headaches, back pain, stomach upsets etc. We 'somatise' (hold in the body) our emotions and eventually these can lead to long term illness. Learning new breathing patterns can help reduce anxiety and relieve physical symptoms. Depression can be a build up of worries or the reaction to a loss. Life gets on top of us and there is a feeling of being stuck, unable to move forward in life. Using breath and sound in various forms can help shift negative mood. It can help you bring balance and harmony to your life both mentally and physically. Sound with meditation or mindfulness helps to create positive energy to help you out of your inertia. Join me for this absorbing day of sound and experience a SOUND BATH to help you distress and re-balance.
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