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The Law of Attraction Centre’s Seminar provides a powerful, personal development programme to assist you in creating the year you want and experiencing a deeper connection with your true self. During this event you will learn the theory behind the Law of Attraction and how to apply it as an approach to life through the practicing of specific, practical techniques on a daily basis. Tracy’s pioneering presentation delivering The Law of Attraction Centre technology is optimistic and soothing, whilst bringing empowering results on all subjects. Inspiring, comprehensive handouts are also provided. In this intensive seminar you will: • Learn powerful techniques to make 2020 your best year so far • Learn the principles of manifestation • Discover how to clear your mind so that you can feel your intuition • Learn how to deliberately attract more of what you want: your ideal career, improved relationships, abundance, health & well-being or any other desire • Discover how to release any challenging emotions or hindering beliefs • Meet and connect with like-minded people • Take time out to connect more deeply with your true self About the Law of Attraction Centre: Established in 2003 by Tracy Friend and Michael James, The Law of Attraction Centre is the largest and most inspirational community of ‘Living the Law of Attraction’ in Europe and a leading force for positive change in people’s lives. With its base in London, UK and other communities around the UK and internationally, it today has over 20,000 members focused on the study and practice of the Law of Attraction, with over 1,000 groups and events having been organised to date. Through proven technology delivered through seminars, talks and products including books and CD’s, The Law of Attraction Centre’s objective is to share tools that encourage self-empowerment, improving the quality of people’s lives and helping change the world for the better. For full details and booking:
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Tracy Friend
Tracy Friend - Tracy is founder of Liberating the Heart ( and co-founder of The Law of Attraction Centre (, the largest community of it's kind ‘Living the Law of Attraction’ in Europe

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