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Ajna light experience online meditation

Ajna light experience online meditation
This online meditation is open to all except those with serious eye problems and epilepsy. we work on your brainwaves directing the light to the ajna chakra (pineal gland) area. It creates a feeling of deep healing and blissfulness. After their first session many people comment on the visual broad spectrum of colors and kaleidoscopic patterns then find it astonishing that Ajna Lamp solely emits pure white light. Some people are so blown away with it that when you ask them for feedback, they are unable to give any due to the fact that they have nothing to compare it with. The healing experience stays with us for days and weeks slowly filtering throughout our body and mind. The powerful light stimulation is designed to induce brainwave sensory entrainment that facilitates the ability to rapidly help guide individuals under the light into altered states of consciousness. The same states where Remote Viewing, Out of Body or Astral Projection may potentially take place. it is safe to use and some of the benefits are:... Well-being No more sleepless nights No more snoring Less anxiety Healing the cellular level of our body More clarity in our life Helps with studies Heightens your awareness The Spiritual benefits to you Your whole body revitalised Healing of the Chakras A deeper meditation Past-life experiences Soul journeys Reaching the higher self for life changing journeys Opening of the Third eye for clairvoyance and deeper perspective of your daily life Opening the Solar plexus chakra for Mediumship Opening of the Sacral chakra for healing purposes Relaxes, clears, calms and revitalises your mind Stimulates the Pineal gland This is a free event for the first two sessions then there will be a charge of £4.44 per session after. We will also be offering one to one sessions via Skype ( prices on request ). There is live information going out regularly on my facebook page ...see my live broadcasts on Psycards for this as we always have a little chat about all things spiritual and healing. you can friend me up here.
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VISIT WEBSITE 00447533557310 (Ajna Light Experience)

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