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Universal Energy! 3 part seminar

Part 1 Time and space incuding; Why are we here? Why is the Universe expanding? Are we all old souls? Part 2 The spirit realm PART 3 Back to the Future! Our ascension and our awakening from turmoil to new light age! Including; The truth around Strange Mysteries from Crop circles, Pyramids, to Atlantis! Legends/Myths or Fact? £50 per person per day must be booked in advance for more information visit our website Feedback for Universal Energy ?Genius. Simply mind blowing, I was not expecting this! Thank you Dawn for this course which you delivered with great knowledge and passion. It certainly opened my eyes and realisation that our life journeys are meaningful and linking with the Universe. I walk away with the knowledge that we all have a lifetime purpose and how important it is to keep the positive energy spiralling with love for our earth. This has been an insightful and powerful course throughout 1,2 & 3. I look forward to part 4! Very fascinating and informative, thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, there was no part I didn't enjoy. The Universe part was very interesting and blew my mind. Thank you for another great course Enjoyed the history aspect of the various figures that came forward. Reincarnations regarding historical figures was a real insight too The revelation about signs, symbols and structures was very illuminating Loved the details about Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle etc The pyramid information was something I had suspected and great to get that confirmation Really interesting course, very uplifting these and magical environment with candles and lighting etc ?I really enjoyed the projector visuals Loved that it covered such a spectrum of subjects Very informative and enjoyable thoroughly loved it Very interactive, lots of discussion points. Good Job team Shakra Aka Dawn & Neil
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VISIT WEBSITE 01233 714233 (Neil Shepherd)

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