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Self Love and Appreciation Workshop – Setting the Foundations of Feminine Soul Acceptance

Cost : £65 The new age and personal development community has long since adopted the adage of self love as one of its mantras. We are constantly reminded that accepting ourselves just as we are, will pave the road to everything we could ever wish for. This is easily said and somewhat more challenging to bring about. You won’t find any monotonous repetition of “I love and accept myself” affirmations here for the authentic road to loving the self runs deeper and requires a more thorough exploration. With loving kindness, patience and thorough spiritual archaeology, we will work together to uncover the truth behind our individual and collective rejection of the self. This long hidden truth can finally set you free. Please note that this series of workshops will uncover what is hidden, provide knowledge and techniques for release and transformation and begin the process of the Rise of the Divine Feminine for its participants. However, additional on going work may and almost certainly will be required in your own time and once you return home. This is no magic wand and it wouldn’t work if it was. Your journey requires your ongoing commitment and dedication to you. It’s a life long journey which, once we open ourselves up and commit to it, continues to support and amaze us, filling our lives with joy and bliss in the process.
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Rise of the Divine Feminine
Rise of the Divine Feminine - A whole-body, holistic approach to health and wellness is what Athena has been advocating since 1989. By supporting traditional medicine, with ancient healing practices—we believe you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

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