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A Winter Solstice Celebration

The Winter Solstice is a time of returning light where in the deepest darkness of winter, we call to the Sun that it might return and restore to us the power of life, well-being and hope. Although it is seen as a Pagan celebration it has echoes in many other different religious festivals that share this time including Christian Christmas. In this special one day celebration we will explore the Winter Solstice and all its traditions and festivities - many of which have become absorbed into Christmas such as the Christmas Tree, gift giving, Wassailing and Santa Claus. We will also as a group use simple ritual, song and ceremony to return the light of the Solar Fire and the Child of Promise to ourselves and our communities, that we might find solace in the darkness once again. We will explore the relationship between this Sun God and the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, and the point and place where they meet and are one. Our Celebration will incorporate live trance channelled communications from Spirit regarding the energetic nature of the New Year and those patrons and guardians which represent it and how we might connect with them in advance, in order to embrace with greater grace all of that which is to follow. This promises to be a magical day - a perfect celebration for anyone seeking an alternative to the commercial challenge of present day Christmas. Restore to the season and to yourself, a little spiritual purpose, focus and magick. Edwin will give suggested rituals for use on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as well as at the Winter Solstice itself - the 22nd of December - which can be easily adapted for personal use or for a group of people.
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