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Angelic Reiki 1&2 Workshop

Angelic Reiki 1&2 Workshop
Are you interested in learning more about Angels and want to connect with them? This workshop will give you the most perfect gift for you. It will support your own personal healing and spiritual journey, open up gifts and spiritual talents and reveal your life’s purpose. It may also help you to support family and friends or be a step on the way to share it with others as a professional healer or teacher. You will be given practical ‘hands on’ experience in healing methodology involving healing as a channel, healing with intention, healing with a master and Galactic Healers and multi-dimensional healing. Some things included in this workshop are: • A full explanation about Angelic Reiki • 3 Attunements including one by the Archangels • 4 Healing methods and a chance to practice them • How to cleanse and dedicate a healing space • A complete cutting of Karmic ties • A master crystal which you choose • The official Angelic Reiki 1&2 certificate and Manual And much, much more. If you are interested in being attuned to Angelic Reiki and would like to start using this wonderful energy on yourself, family or friends then I will be facilitating this workshop in Dartford. It will take place on Friday 24th May 6pm-9pm, Saturday 25th May 10am-5.30pm and Sunday 26th May 10am-5.30pm. The cost for this workshop is £252 (£100 non-returnable deposit). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require any further details (Payment options are available) x
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