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Awaken to your Intuition & Spirit Guides

In this seminar you'll develop and TRUST your Intuition, learn how to recognize your spirit guide's communication and clarify your life's purpose and direction. As a very young child, you naturally trusted your intuition, yet as you got older may have suppressed it. Were you told "That's just your imagination?" Well now it's time to re-awaken the power of your intuition, because that is the REAL YOU. When you are in tune with your spiritual sensitivity, you will learn to be in the right place at the right time. You will experience more joy, flow and ease in your daily life. Listening to your intuition will improve your relationships, finances, health and more.. In this workshop you will: • Experience the power of your spiritual energy/aura • Begin to understand your life purpose and how you can unfold it. • Learn a technique that will help you immediately relax and be receptive to your Inner Guidance. • Learn about your team of guides and how you can be aware of their messages. Discover how to recognize when they are communicating with you. • Discover how sensitive you are to your environment and why it is essential you keep your energy vibration at a high positive level. • Learn the four ways you can use your intuitive abilities and the keys to developing all of them. • Practice using your intuitive gifts and realize how tuned in you already are! Tickets are £10 More information and registration at: Melissa Kitto is the Spiritual Consultant and Workshop Facilitator. She specializes in passing on tools to access your inner guidance, connect with your personal team of guides and find your purpose in life. Learn more about Melissa at For more information email [email protected]/ call 07432 606 812
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07432 606 812 (Melissa Kitto)
Melissa Kitto
Melissa Kitto - Melissa Kitto, the “Angel Guidance Coach” is dedicated to empowering spiritual seekers worldwide to develop a constant and direct communication with their own team of spiritual helpers.

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