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Stress Buster - London's Monthly Healthy Emotional Release Class

-> Permit forsworn trapped emotions to arise and be voiced <- -> Express the full range of your emotional power through your body <- -> Practice healthy emotional release tools in a group setting <- -> Create space in your body to return to ease and 'just be' <- Emotional release is key to health and wellbeing. It brings us into presence with the whole of who we are and allows us to return to an open and centred sense of ourselves. By discharging stagnant / long-held emotions we create space for our truth to emerge and to connect with our heart’s desires, joy and pleasure! What Will We Do? This group process invites your full range of emotions (from joy and celebration to guilt, grief, anger, shame and fear) into full expression. You will be guided to use structured somatic tools that support you to release energy and E-motions (energy-in-motion) from your body, so you feel lighter, freer and more in control of your being. You will be supported through your individual journey in this group emotional release ritual. We'll start with an opening circle and intention-setting, then demonstrate these highly effective release postures before moving into the emotional release ritual. We will close with some grounding exercises, sharing and am optional group hug! Intensity: This is a medium-high intensity workshop that purposely brings up and releases emotions stored within the body. Please note: part of our ‘Commitment of Care' agreement is that all participants take full responsibility for their safety and wellbeing - before, during and after the event. E.g. do NOT fast or intoxicate yourself 24 hours before event and plan to have a quiet and restful evening afterwards. Inclusivity Commitment: This event aims to be inclusive of all beings. We commit to adapting our language, processes and space as much as possible to warmly welcome and honour your uniqueness. For example, techniques can be adapted to suit your body’s capacity, we routinely invite naming of gender pronouns at opening circle and offer a shared decision making process regarding whether this event will benefit or be a risk to your mental health needs. Contra-Indications: Physical: The tools we teach can be modified to accommodate most physical injuries and limitations. Please make us aware on the day of any injuries s we can guide you. This class is not recommend if you have recently had surgery, as the emotional release tools are quite physically intense. Please wait until you are fully recovered before attending - we intend to hold the class monthly. Emotional / Mental: 1) If you’ve been experiencing involuntary thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please message us and let us know what’s happening for you, including who is supporting you and - if you attend this event - what your plans are for taking care of yourself afterwards. 2) If, in the last 5 years, you have experienced: * Feeling disconnected from reality * Fearful of persecution and attack from unknown others * Preoccupation with having to protect yourself from persecution and attack from a specific person or group * Hearing, seeing or feeling things that other people can’t sense * Flashbacks of previous events * Active planning to commit suicide * Self-harming to the point of needing medical care Please contact us so we can have chat about what this event will entail and how that might affect you. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible, so please share with us openly and honestly your situation. If we jointly decide with you that a group environment is not suitable, Ruth and Natalie both offer one-to-one emotional release coaching, which may be more supportive for you. What To Bring: Essential: Water bottle (with your name on it) Optional: Power object for the altar; Journal and pen to note down any new awareness from your process What To Wear: * Layered clothing that lets you move freely ( dance / sport / yoga clothes ) * Please remove all jewellery, watches and glasses. Tickets: * £25 Early Bird * £35 Regular * £40 at the door (if we have not sold out) Limited to 12 spaces. About The Facilitators: Natalie Ford is a Authenticity & Empowerment Facilitator and founder of Empowered Healing. I offer workshops and one-to-one guidance to connect you to their power and inner wisdom, through deepened self-awareness, self-belief and empowerment, using a blend of tools from tantra, shamanism, emotional hygiene, shadow reclamation and breathwork. Ruth Biddlecombe is a Sex and Relationship Shamanic Practitioner, Psychotherapist and Educator passionate about people bringing consciousness to the way they love themselves and other beings. With a 20 year background in Therapeutic work and 10 years in Tantric and Shamanic work, Ruth is an experienced practitioner committed to reconnecting people to the truths of their soul. @DivinityRelating
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