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Psychology of food and eating (4 weeks)

Psychology of food and eating (4 weeks)
Brand New **Psychology of food and eating 4 week course.1-4pm Saturdays 2nd, 9th , 16th and 23rd of March 2019 OR 11th and 12th May 10-4pm in Bromley, Kent Having trouble losing weight? Lost weight but regained? Lacking in motivation or will power? Nothing you try working? In this deeply personal course we will look at the importance of how, when and what we eat affect our metabolism and weight. We will look at myths around hunger, metabolism, calories, sugars and the body. Our beliefs and personal story around food in relation to body image, self attack ,comfort, emotion, boredom, and fear will all be explored. This will be a mix of teaching, dicussion and personal exercises to help you understand and perhaps change your own relationship with food and eating. We will finally look at the new science around the microbiome, fasting and tips for a healthy eating plan for life, This will be a personal journey of self discovery and surely self- empowerment will ensue. Numbers strictly limited 4 weeks 1-4pm Saturdays 2nd, 9th , 16th and 23rd of March 2019 or 11th and 12th May £144 Bromley, Kent See for more details or email [email protected] for a booking form.
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