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Yoga Training Courses in India

Overview Purity, spirituality, diversity, etc. these are some of the incredible words that define India. The land of dharmic wisdom, where Yoga originated in the Vedic era, is undoubtedly the most astonishing place to embark on the sacred journey of Yoga. Witness the traditional culture of Yoga to plunge into the yogic river with Yoga training courses in India. Being in the sacred vicinity of our revered Shwaasa Guru, enlighten your soul with the premier quality of Yoga knowledge. Unearth a number of yogic truths while transforming yourself into a knowledgeable Yoga teacher. Event Description: The Yoga certification in India is organized with an aim to create intuitive yogic minds with the purest form of Yoga education. During the program, students are introduced to numerous Yoga teachings. Theoretical and practical, both ways of training are followed in the most effective manner. Event Highlights: ● Learn about the basic philosophy of Yoga including its historical and health importance. ● Education of the Yoga poses along with their benefits in keeping one healthy. ● In-depth knowledge of Classical Hatha Yoga including Bandhas and Mudras. ● A detailed analysis of Yoga Sutras to get acquainted with the core of Yoga. ● Breathing Yoga (Pranayama) is practiced in a more intensive way for overall well being of the body mechanism. ● A profound study of Human Anatomy to relate the body with Yoga practice. ● Learn the art of handling a Yoga class with perfection with Teaching Methodology sessions. ● Bring peace and stability to the mind with the soulful practice of Meditation. ● Understand various types of Yoga such as Kundalini, Ashtanga, Karma, etc. ● Yogic method of internal purification, Shat Kriyas. ● Indulge in Surya Namaskar to enjoy the blissful beauty of solar energy. Food and Accommodation: Relish three mouth-watering meals a day during the course of the training program in Shwaasa’s campus. Our highly professional chefs keep special care of the health and wellness of Yoga TTC students by preparing completely sattvic food. Ayurvedic juice accompanies the meals for a better body healing. Living in a room that is airy and well-furnished is good for the practice of Yoga and yogis’ health. Shwaasa’s verdant garden will offer an incredible environment to indulge in self-practice during leisure moments. Fee Details: 200 Hour Yoga TTC in Bangalore costs USD 500 (shared room) For more details about Shwaasa’s courses, kindly visit our website: Do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] and +91 8884612008 About Shwaasa: One of India’s premier Yoga school’s Shwaasa Yoga Center offers a blend of ancient and contemporary Yoga training. Guided by the spiritual prophecy of Swami Vachananand Ji, the Yoga center organizes numerous programs such as Yoga retreats, Himalayan Yoga retreats, Yoga TTC, etc. all over the country. The yearly carnival of International Yoga Day by the school attracts huge media attention and is attended by various national and international personalities. Yoga Ratna, one of the highest Yoga awards, is presented for incredible contribution to the Yoga world by Shwaasa Guru.
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