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Sacred Shamanic Workshop Two Depachos & Prayer Arrow

Jackie Manton & Crystal Atlantis from Dimensions to Healing will be sharing an evening of creating 2 sacred despacho & a prayer arrow in this workshop you will learn how to create a sacred prayer arrow. All material will be provided. Beautiful Prayer arrows are created with yarn, wood & feathers, into physical form, with intent of Prayers being sent to Creator. Two beautiful despachos ceremonies will be held. Despacho ceremonies are very powerful & sacred, they are physical prayers to Great Spirit, Mother Earth & all of Creation. They offer blessings & gratitude so we maybe in harmony with the natural world, the Divine, ourselves & others Unwinding & letting go Despacho - Please bring one item to symbolically represent releasing from your life - this will be burnt burn: *** one to represent what you would like to release from your life - such as a copy of a debt, a sybolic picture, a hand written letter, objects/items, what ever calls to you Destiny Despacho - Please bring one item to symbolically represent manifesting into your life - this will be burnt burn: *** one to represnet what you wish to manifest/ bring into your life - e.g. pic of a heart to bring in love, a leter, objects/items etc. As the year draws to a close it is the prefect month to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. There will also be an opportunity to create your own mini white despacho kit with instructions that you can take home to complete on your own or gift to a friend. All welcome but please book early the investment for this workshop is only £12 per person which includes all materials for your prayer arrow, the despachos and free refreshments. We all look forward to seeing you for this magical shamanic experience. Blessings to you x PayPal - Friends & Family - [email protected]
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