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Identity Constellations - Weekend Retreat (Worcestershire)

COMING HOME TO YOUR SELF - IDENTITY CONSTELLATIONS Do you want more calm & confidence? Better relationships & healthier boundaries? "A beautiful & transformative workshop" "This work is phenomenal. I highly recommend it." Using a deeply self-connecting group process, Ruth leads a unique new form of Constellations, informed by Internal Family Systems, Attachment (Developmental Trauma) Theory, and Resilience - creating a remarkable, healing exploration of our internal 'Parts'. This wonderful retreat will also include a few extras alongside the Constellations : optional morning meditation/yoga, self-discovery through automatic drawing, guided visualisations and TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises). This retreat is suitable for newcomers as well as those experienced with Constellations. "Ideal if you're ready to delve deeply into your unconscious & uncover repressed emotions holding you back." Whether you book to do your own Constellation, or to participate, you can contact and understand the roots of the protective strategies (eg perfectionism, self-criticism, people-pleasing, addictions, depression) that often dominate us. The workshop focuses equally on discovery and building your own healthy Self energy, which softens unhelpful patterns, develops healthier boundaries, and creates better relationships with yourself and others. Quite new to the UK, Identity Constellations are renowned in many European countries for helping heal childhood trauma and create inner balance and harmony. TESTIMONIALS "Extraordinary...I already feel healthier & more free" “Wow! Every constellation I took part in gave me incredible insights about myself” “Really deep work done in a safe and nurturing way” PRICES Choose either: WORKING PLACE ie you are guaranteed your own Identity Constellation £360 Early Bird by 28 Sept / Full price £400 or REPRESENTATIVE PLACE ie participate in others' work for insights & healing £270 Early Bird by 28 Sept / Full price £300 – Cost includes 2 nights full-catered in shared accommodation – A few private rooms are available (supplement payable). NB only 8 Working and 5 Representative places available. BOOKINGS - “I’m very grateful for the impact this work is having on my life.” “Thank you for the incredible patience, kindness, intuition and insight you bring in facilitating.” “I hadn’t cried since my teens and I’m now in my 50s, and it made such a difference. I’ve connected so deeply with people since. I’m getting myself past the childhood put-downs and starting to believe what people say to me about me.” “I can honestly say this is the best I’ve felt about myself for years.” THE VENUE Ismere Hall is located near Kidderminster in Worcestershire, 15 miles from Birmingham. There are open fires, spacious rooms and a grand piano to enjoy in the gently faded grandeur of this classic Georgian house (bags of style but not super posh!) The large private grounds include a courtyard of traditional barns and acres of garden. ONLINE BOOKINGS MORE ABOUT HOW IT WORKS A ‘Constellation’ is defined as a collection of parts – in this case, the various parts of us that react in different ways to what happens in life. (ie.e nothing to do with stars!) A ‘Working Place’ means being guided to create a ‘Sentence of Intention’ for the issue you wish to explore, followed by facilitated Constellation. ‘Parts of the self’ become apparent, as the inner workings of the issue are revealed in a deep self-encounter. Being a ‘Representative’ means taking part in Constellations, by simply expressing or moving in response to whatever physical or emotional experiences are present in that moment – a process which also brings personal insights and healing for the Representatives.
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