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Universal Living - Be spiritually Streetwise

Universal Living - Be spiritually Streetwise
Universal Living 17-21st September 2018 Cheltenham 10-6pm daily Live the GOLDEN dream for advanced living, happiness and future destiny. 5-days Inspirational and Transformational Training. Be Spiritually STREETWISE, replenish and improve life, avoid, prevent and jettison inherited generations of bad choices and limitation…. Master the art of metaphysics. Spiritual Metaphysics - ARE you Spiritually Streetwise? Turn the tide on the unknown - education is the key. I suggest we have missed the point regarding spiritual metaphysics, become so caught up in proving, that we don't realise the key! Caught up in more head and brain than heart and love. Essentially, we have lost our way over centuries of proving and left-brain dominance. Did you know: We have x 3 HeARt Chakras? Without the 4th HeARt Chakra opened and functioning we cannot reach Solar living, Christ, Collective and UNITY consciousness? 7-levels of learning of LOVE? The closure of the HeARt chakra is one of the reasons we become depressed, anxious and stressed! Being a Sensitive or Empath we pick up on other people's energies and our environment. Reasons for feeling overwhelmed and can't cope with life! Declining energetics causes illness and disorders in the physical? This workshop gives answers and experience. People are well read in the ways of spirituality, but it is virtual! No experience of spiritual knowledge, no experience or feeling of how spirit feels! Finding internal reality gives different perceptions than the mind. To live and gain spirituality we need to see and understand our true internal reality. Are we enhancing or destroying internally? Learn, How, Why and When.. Do we know why? What are we doing to ourselves? Whose choices are we living? Is it, old life styles, historical transference and conditioning, stuck in a rut? Enjoy enhanced education a spiritual university level, with practical details, understanding SECRETS of Metaphysic's how we tick and embrace advanced spiritual learning, awakening the Souls agenda. Jettison daily, emotional hook-ins accumulated via inherited and reincarnation. We do not associate mental health and energetics, or energetics with emotions, both affect and decline the physical. Achieve in 5-days transformational training. Live the Metaphysical dream every day 24/7. Jump hurdles of living avoid distraction and live with internal Satnav. Be Spiritually STREETWISE, replenish and improve your life, avoid, prevent and jettison inherited generations of bad choices and limitation…. See website for details: Founder Joy Wisdom A leading LiGHt for the Aquarian Age : Follow us on twitter and Face book



VISIT WEBSITE 07951283495 (Joy Wisdom)
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