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Plant Consciousness

Plant Consciousness
Our perceived disconnect from the natural world has led to the near disastrous situation that we now face on planet Earth, global environmental and eco-system collapse being a very real possibility in our near future unless we change our ways quickly. Plant Consciousness explores the higher intelligence of nature, how to connect and learn from it and why it is essential for the development of consciousness and the well-being of the planet that we do. It is time now to create a nature-centric world that sees all other forms of life as our relatives. When we connect deeply with nature and especially with trees, plants and fungi we open ourselves up to the potential of great individual and collective healing - both physically and spiritually. Bringing together the values of Indigenous Wisdom, Eco-consciousness, Herbalism, Biomimicry, Earth Lore and Eco-psychology, Plant Consciousness is a carefully designed weekend of in-depth teachings, interactive practical exercises and live music to take you on a journey into the conscious energetic world of plants. This immersive weekend will help you discover a deeper understanding of nature, how we can work with it for personal and collective healing, and how we can create a different world, one that places our relationship with the green beings and the environment at its core.
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Emma - Plant Spirit Healer - Co-Founder of Plant Consciousness, Shamanic Lands and

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