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Vitali-Chi Practitioner Workshop

Vitali-Chi Practitioner Workshop
Is there something missing from your practice? Would you like more clients? To be busier? Or to achieve better results? Heal more people? Make them happy? Using non invasive equipment that is guaranteed to get results, with scientifically proven benefits. Or personally, do you just want to be less exhausted and yet more satisfied at the end of each and every day? If you answered ‘yes’ or even ‘maybe’ then please read on. The next 10 minutes could literally change your life. 10 GOOD REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD DO THIS COURSE 1. This is an amazing therapy of the future – your clients rest, regenerate and re-energise whilst being treated and their cellular memory is reprogrammed. 2. There is an amazing product range to support you the therapist and also the client – all at really reasonable and affordable prices. 3. There is a support network being developed as the company grows (so it has a growth model, you will not be alone). 4. There is a mobile training force to take the training across the country and regional management opportunities will become available (if of interest). 5. The course is fully accredited and recognized by top therapist insurers and by a leading international professional body. 6. The course was developed by a really experienced multi disciplinary therapist specifically for therapists. 7. The treatment is non-invasive and can be used along side conventional treatments where needed. 8. The therapy can also be used alongside other complimentary therapies and so can be integrated into existing clinical work to support your existing treatment program (or as an alternative). 9. Our 2 day workshop is accredited by FHT (The Federation of Holistic Therapists) 10. The ticket price INCLUDES the training and everything you need to get started, including a fantastic start up kit and your own Vitali-Chi Boost (actual course value = £1,500+) So, there you have it, ten good reasons why you cannot afford to miss our launch training period – make sure you sign up whilst our prices are still low and keen. As we want you join ‘our team’ and to heal more people. More info here:
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VISIT WEBSITE 01206 385397 (Allen Jesson)

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