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NEW Mind-Body- Emotional D.A.R.E Therapy Training

NEW Mind-Body- Emotional D.A.R.E Therapy Training
New Body/Mind Specialist Therapy Training A new revolutionary concept for psychological, emotional and physical disorders. Cutting edge advanced clinical solutions. Combination techniques for energetic, biological and bigger picture, hidden factors and core issues. Gives answers to Birth Trauma, Stress, PTS, Depression and anxiety. Personality disorders, behavioural issues. Helps all ages. New skills for Inherited trauma and linage transference (IGTA) responsible for many of our ills and mental health issues. (As written in my book Mirror Image & Shell of Soul) Fast changes for individual, turns them around quickly, stopping life ebbing away from mental emotional lockdown health issues. Induction starts 17th-21st September 2018 Jury's Inn Cheltenham location 10-min from junction 11 off M5. Free parking. Induction is open to anyone. No previous experience is required. Expands and builds other modality training, with information and recalibration of the self. A Universal course in 5-days. Induction is used to ensure we are all on the same page when we start our D.A.R.E Foundation training. Transformational 5-days with information, new skills and understanding of ourselves, family, clients and those we know. Induction opens perception to bigger picture of our needs and what is the real cause of our issues. Which can be many. Not only do you learn about why, how and when, we incorporate a clearing of finds, daily clearing of emotions. Reconnections to inner sat nav. Opening or upshifting to Empathic gifts, Intuition and Psychic abilities. Past life and historical influences are discussed and cleared during workshop (as incorporated in skills of D.A.R.E). D.A.R.E foundation training starts 5-8th & 13-16th October Jury's Inn A New Revolutionary Body-Mind-Emotion cutting edge Therapy that is blowing people's minds. See website for Training options: Induction, Foundation to Masterclass. Joy Wisdom Founder 07951283495



VISIT WEBSITE 07951283495 (Joy Wisdom)
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