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Secrets of Spiritual Hypnotherapy & New Age NLP Hypnosis

Secrets of Spiritual Hypnotherapy & New Age NLP Hypnosis
SECRETS OF SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS BOOK NOW - Saturday 13th October 2018 – 10am until 5-30pm Live In Person at: Future House Therapy Centre, Chesterfield, England, S40 1SZ. Or By Zoom Online Video Attendance Whether you are an experienced Hypnotherapist or Mind Therapy Practitioner, a Mystery Entertainer or are involved in some area of the New Age & Spiritual community as a Healer or Psychic Consultant, this Unique One Day Accelerated Learning Workshop with Top Hypnotist Jonathan Royle will prove to be worth it's weight in gold to you. No prior knowledge or experience of Hypnosis is necessary as everything you will ever need to know will be taught in Royle's Unique No Bullsh*t direct to the point easy to learn, remember and use manner! Some of the topics that will be taught include: *The easy and reliable way to conduct Profitable Past Life Regression Sessions both on a one to one basis and also for public performances & demonstrations. *The use of Hypnosis for Future Life Progression & Creating a truly Magical Future. *How to demonstrate Astral Projection using a simple Eyes Closed Relaxation Process that you will learn in easy to understand detail. *The use of Pendulums both to Induce a Hypnotic Trance State in your clients and also to help them to overcome their Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias & other issues including releasing Traumas & Anxiety as well as effectively helping people to overcome & eliminate Pain from all areas of their Minds, Body, Spirit & Soul. *Using Hypnotic techniques to run profitable Seances, Paranormal and Ghost Hunting events. You will also discover the Proven Techniques of how to: *Help someone to meet their Spirit Guide and gain inner strength and renewed positivity in all areas of life. PLUS MUCH MORE AS EXPLAINED AT -



VISIT WEBSITE 07956323339 (Jonathan Royle)

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