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PARADIGM SHIFT: Weekend Retreat, NEW YORK/USA, 21st/24th Sep

Souls everywhere are yearning for a new way of being: living at-one with the divine, in sweet harmony with the Universe. Yet all around is growing tension and challenge as the old reality construct steadily slips into decline. How will the New Paradigm be realised? It is essential to evolve beyond the current karmic constriction. Gaia, the consciousness of the Earth, is already shifting into higher vibrations of interconnectivity. A golden opportunity confronts us, to integrate expanded "5D" consciousness into our daily lives, right now. This magical New Paradigm can be realised, by all those working consciously toward it. That's the divine blessing, what PARADIGM SHIFT is all about. This is Openhand's weekend, Transcendental Retreat, from Friday evening till Monday lunchtime, designed to open you into expanded "5D" consciousness, to integrate into your daily life. It takes place in a peaceful oasis, on the outskirts of New York. Join us. It is our purpose to serve. PARADIGM SHIFT: Weekend Transcendental Intensive The central focus of the Openhand work, is empowering people to connect with the mainstream of their soul, that they may live a more authentic, resilient and successful life, totally at-one with the universal flow of the moment. In so doing, we become a part of the Earth's incredible shift of consciousness into higher dimensional awareness, to lead a blessed and magical life. This is the latest version of Openhand's Breakthrough Work. Using meditation, self-realisation inquiry and movement to emotive music, we break through inner blockages, and bring you rapidly into expanded "5D" consciousness, to apply now, for successful and resilient daily living. We've chosen a purposeful retreat oasis, just outside of the busyness of NYC, where we'll convene for an intro seminar on Friday Sep 21st, followed by deep soulful exploration and attunement on Sep 22nd/23rd, concluded by integrational meditations and healing one-one-one satsang on Monday morning Sep 24th. Turning a Powerful new Chapter in the Earth's Shift For all those tuned into Gaia, it's clear that very recently, she's begun a crucial new phase in her consciousness Shift - the tectonic plates of the earth are moving more fluidly now, as signaled by the global increase in Volcanic and Earthquake action. The activation of Kilauea in Hawaii seemed to provide the key stone for this. It's the Openhand Team's strong convition, that this event signals the activation of a new chapter - Unwinding the Karmic Construct that has shaped our current, convoluted reality. Gaia is ready to transform the Earth into a higher paradigm of consciousness in the Fifth Density, through which, like a worn out skin, the old reality is steadily peeled away. It is the Openhand conviction that Gaia has now signaled this crucial new phase, in the higher interests of all sentient life, to minimise any undue suffering and begin shifting energy into the higher dimensional reality - one that exists here and now, all around us. It offers an open invitation, and golden opportunity, for all those committed, to reclaim their divine birthright as higher dimensional beings, interconnected with the natural flow and harmony of the Universe. As the old reality construct crumbles, the possibility opens, to unfold into a magical new paradigm of being. An Introduction to Openhand Openhand has been helping inspire this planetary shift of consciousness for over fifteen years now, working both with individuals and groups in many countries around the world. We're working with a highly evolved benevolent presence, the energy of Enlightened Masters through the ages. It seeks no position, rank nor title; it works through the field to highlight shifts in your own consciousness that are now possible, so that you may embody the next higher dimensional version of your own truth. We call the energy simply, "Openhand". Guided by "Open" - a Higher Dimensional Bridge I incarnated somewhat unusually via a soul exchange, which initiated during a life threatening car crash. It was my passion to come here and support the Great "5D" Shift of Consciousness taking place on the earth right now. I work with a higher dimensional team that I call "Openhand", who are an intimate part of the benevolent mission gathering all around the earth to facilitate the shift. I act as a higher dimensional bridge, able to resonate soul frequencies of your higher self and bridge you into higher dimensions of consciousness. Administration Details Booking info: To book a place or to get more information, email our Community Coordinator, Aspasia: [email protected] ***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder.
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Openhand - Into 5D - Openhandweb is a virtual community led by its founder "Open". It unites evolving people around the world who resonate with our philosophy and evolutionary approach. Open's purpose is to embody and express the energy of Openhand in order to reflect and activate authentic beingness in others. He is supported by close colleague Aspasia and a growing global network of Openhand Facilitators. You can read our brief biographies below...

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