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Rahanni Level 1

Rahanni Level 1
Is it your time to learn a new healing modality? Rahanni Celestial Healing is a beautiful gentle healing. Using 5th dimensional vibrations and the beautiful pink ray. Connect with Celestial beings to bring this gentle loving healing through. Fill your heart with love. This is one of the joys of Rahanni you open your heart petal by petal You connect with 52 pink angels, 7 archangels and ascended healing masters, celestial beings. Rahanni is a lovely healing for children, grief, pain and believing in yourself ,loving yourself as it opens your heart up If you would like to learn Rahanni and experience the wonderful healing it brings. Receive a manual and certificate £100 Lite lunch provided Checkout my website 1st July 2018 Email [email protected] Tel 07775920204
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VISIT WEBSITE 07775920204 (deborah Brett)

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