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You are invited to join Amaya Ma the Holy Mother, Enlightened Ones, Angels & Archangels for a 6 month online training in group heart HOLY MOTHER’S GRACE FOR INITIATING OUR FEMININE LIGHT Everyone is welcome to join us for the first month’s training, beginning 25 March. ENROLMENTS CLOSE: 18 April 2018 before the second month of training begins. Our feminine is a universal force of light and love that exists within all of life, and within us. She is our perceptive, sensory and spacious nature. Through her, we know ourselves as timeless, as pure, in oneness and communion with all life. Initiating our feminine light is a journey of love and of weaving ancient threads of feminine feeling back into the fabric of eternal, ever present love. This journey delivers our feminine into being present, here now in the body of eternal love, aware and spirited, and anchored in the physical body. Our love body is enlightened step by step, in this way, as it expands into the feeling matrix of all, the Spirit of Love, known as the Holy Mother. This is the Feminine path of Enlightenment. Beloved heart, in each of the 3 modules of this training, we will be initiating our feminine’s alignment, reconnection and contact with the Holy Mother so our feminine may stand as a divine bridge to the Holy Mother in all her expressions, forms, and voices within us. We invite you on a beautiful journey in love’s presence, to love and liberate your feminine heart, mind, sensory body, powers and higher qualities. When our feminine stands in her light and presence as the bridge to the Holy Mother, she commands justice, liberty, equality, and the all inclusive care and nurturance of all life. Beloved heart, when we open the receptive nature of our feminine consciousness, we are fed, nourished, energised, and cared for, and feel the support in life as we receive what we truly need. 8 ELEMENTS OF THE ONLINE TRAINING STRUCTURE: 1. 3 Training Modules Training Module 1 Focus 25th March to 19th May – 8 weeks The gentle heart of our feminine is nourished and nurtured, tended to and cared for through opening our power to love self and all experiences. Love is the pure feeling matrix of our universe and our feminine sensory nature is our vehicle to experience this love, so when our feminine is initiated to create love, release love from our heart, bathe in love, live with love, receive love, our feminine is free to be, to be seen and to expand out from within us. Meeting our initiations of divine love opens this power and our bridge to the Holy Mother through our feminine. Our work together will be to open through two Mother lineages, genetic and soul, to initiate our feminine to grow in light and shine. Training Module 2 Focus 23rd May To 24th July – 9 weeks When our mind welcomes, opens and receives pure light as well as divine love as energy support, we open the second door for the light of our feminine to expand and grow, and for her truth, her voice, to be accepted, valued and seen. In this module, as the dominant part of our mind, steps back, this offers our feminine space and grace to express through her inspired heart. Holy Mother’s blessing of our mind will open this potential for our feminine to no longer be guided by her feelings but through her access to higher awareness. This initiates our feminine to a new level of empowerment, aligned with divine will, which then guides us on our path of greater purpose and fulfilment, with more grace. Training Module 3 Focus 25th July to 23rd September - 8.5 weeks The oneness of our feminine with the Holy Mother Earth, offers our third door of initiating our feminine light to a new level of embodiment. It is the oneness of our feminine with the heart, spirit and body of the Mother Earth, and with the earth cycles and rhythms of life, that grounds our feminine spark into the body of the Mother Earth. This contact ignites our passion which energises and nourishes our body and propels us to serve and share our soft, powerful feminine light with each other, and to give back to the Mother Earth through sacred ceremony and loving service. 2. 6 x Monthly live Teaching Webinars in 3 hour blocks that carry the transmissional teachings, wisdom, love, dispensations and initiations for our feminine, from the Holy Mother’s libraries of divine love. 3. 6 x Monthly Practices, Focuses and Inner Enquiry – emailed after each teaching webinar 4. 6 x Monthly Group Ceremonies in the Holy Mother Temples – 60 minutes. Each ceremony is a series of prayers, invocations to the Divine Mothers to anoint, bless, consecrate and initiate our feminine to the truth of a specific quality of light or feminine power. (This will be offered in a 2 hour block with the Group Transmissions in Service to the Feminine following the temple ceremony.) 5. 6 x Monthly Group Transmissions in Service to the Feminine within our world, to gift the divine energy that is the true need of our own feminine so we may receive bac
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