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EFT Level 1 & 2 AAMET Practitioner Training

Want Health, Wealth and Happiness? How different would your life be if you could remove your blocks to success, self-limiting beliefs and negative emotions and fully reprogram your mind and body for a new way of thinking? Do you feel that the importance of the working with and through the body is over looked in traditional therapies? Have you been in therapy and still found that you are triggered by past traumas? Do you want to be able to clear them once and for all? What is it? EFT is a needle free technique, akin to acupuncture for the emotions. It is based on discoveries regarding the connection between your body’s subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. Endorsed by many people at the forefront of the mind, body connection including Deepak Chopra, Candace Pert, Cheryl Richardson and Bruce Lipton. Is it Effective? Yes. EFT is being used by coaches, therapists, doctors. psychotherapists and people like you and me to successfully treat a whole range of conditions including: * Depression * Anxiety * Trauma * Stress * Fears/Phobias * Back pain * High blood pressure * Weight loss * Low self esteem  * Poor performance * Lack of confidence * Addictions * Auto immune Disease * PTSD What will I Learn? Level 1: The concepts of EFT and its connections to existing therapies The effects of energy system disruptions The Basic EFT Recipe and effective shortcuts How to handle some of the blocks to EFT The wide range of areas where it is effective and the few areas where it shouldn’t be used How to work with phobias and addictive cravings Practice, practice, practice – lots of it. You will work with EFT on your own issues Level 2: How your life and beliefs have brought you to this point Ways to erase the pain of uncomfortable memories Techniques to get to the core issues behind physical and emotional stuff such as: The tearless trauma technique; The movie technique; Telling the story Abreaction Applying EFT over the phone and skype Borrowing benefits The many powerful side effects of using EFT in groups Practice, practice, practice – lots more of it. Benefits In a few short days you can be on the road to starting your own energy practice. Become part of an exciting world-wide community of energists. Learn how to work with your body safely and easily to uncover the limiting self perpetuating belief system held in your sub conscious. Freeing you and your clients to become your/their true authentic self. Learn a simple tool that is becoming recognised by the NHS Help empower your clients to work with themselves in a gentle and safe way. Develop a group of “swap partners” to practice skills and help guide you in your own journey and work on your own limiting belief systems whenever you want and for free The opportunity to train with a dynamic, warm and talented trainer who lives and breathes her techniques, and has transformed her own life and that of hundreds of others. Learn an extraordinary yet simple transformative tool that you can integrate seamlessly and easily into your life and practice You will have the opportunity to clear some of your own emotional challenges in the process! To find out more & to book your place on this training, which I will be co-facilitating with Sam Neffendorf, click this link:
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Penny  Croal
Penny Croal - After forays into several successful careers and companies, today I offer wisdom, pathos and compassion in a range of disciplines that, together, embody my deeply held belief in the mind-body connection. As a results-oriented practitioner I only offer modalities that have proven themselves and speak through their outcomes.

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