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Stella Phillips with Discover Your Inner Warrior

Natural health and Well-being Group Present Stella Phillips with Discover Your Inner Warrior and working with your true power.Step fully into your Power! Would you like to gain more Clarity, Strength & Determination in your life? Do you find life is a constant juggling act? Are you tired and lack energy? Fed up with people expecting you to be superhuman? Come along and re discover your inner warrior, An advocate of healing from within, Stella’s approach focuses on nourishing the whole person by clearing emotional & nutritional imbalance using Ying Yang techniques as the key to transformation and health. As a qualified nutritional therapist, tutor and 4th generation Tai Chi Chuan practitioner, with a history of childhood illness. Stella’s journey to health has been turbulent and full of discovery. Through trial and error, she has developed a system that brings balance to mind, body and spirit. Stella is a raw foods enthusiast and has a deep passion for creating delicious raw chocolates. Discover Stella’s diverse knowledge and experience with a unified clarity into the art of nutritional, lifestyle, and whole­life balance. Discover tools to balance your feminine and masculine, connect with other men and women and share experiences. For millennia people have gathered in groups together to share, empower and help each other. I feel one of the most powerful healing tools we have is to come together and share, sadly this is also something we have lost in our society and busy lives. It can often feel like we are alone on our journeys, during our struggles and day to day lives. Having a coffee with a friend or group of friends lifts us up and empowers us and we can share our strengths, gifts and talents together. By looking at nature the Moon being Feminine and the Sun Masculine we can start to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and how to bring balance to our lives. Just looking at the word Disease and changing it to Dis-ease we can see that it describes something out of ease, we can apply that to the Yin Yang Philosophy and our personal lives, relationships, business and health. Most of us wear so many hats in business and in our home and family lives that can lead us into feeling depleted and out of balance. As a Mother, Grandmother and business woman I have discovered many tools I use myself and that I've helped other people with. I have 18 years experience of working with groups of women & men in various settings. This is for Men and Women Please feel free to contact me via email [email protected] Mobile 07545982562 Stella Phillips
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